Sunday, August 14, 2011

FREE: Text Editor for Windows - Notepad++

It's official, my new favorite text editor is Notepad ++

After using ConTEXT for quite a few years (it's still great but hasn't been modified since August 2009), I finally found a notepad replacement which has all of the features I want plus a few extras;

It's fast and it's free - but it seems to be a Windows only app.

Aside from the obvious programming language requirements (html, bracket matching etc), I have a few specific requirements for any notepad replacement product I test.
  • Macro Facility
  • Block Select
  • Sort Capability
  • Search and Replace including Special Characters

Notepad++ has brought a few more exciting "requirements" to the mix including a much wider variety of programming language support and a "Trim leading and trailing space" facility.

The TextFX Extension
Last time I looked, Notepad++ was a great contender but it was missing just a few of the critical things. I looked at it a bit more closely this time though and found that it had most of the missing facilities as "extensions".

I had a bit of trouble with the download link (and finding the unicode version of it - which is why I've provided a direct link). Once downloaded though, it's simply a matter of copying the NppTextFX.dll file into your extensions directory (in my case; D:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins) and restarting Notepad++

My main reason for wanting the TextFX extension was to get SORT capability which is sadly missing from the main product. Of course, TextFX comes with a whole heap of other great functionality, including menu options to "remove all blank lines", count words and perform extended case conversion.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, thank you! I've been looking for the TextFX plugin as well, for the tools>sort option. Thank you so much again for the link. I'm glad I found you. My bro's right; There are heroes online. :)

Your blog seems interesting, too. I think I'll take a look around...